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Today, living in the COVID-19 Pandemic, affordable broadband and 100% cell phone coverage is more essential than ever.  A global innovation revolution is transforming our lives, driven largely by three critical systems: Infrastructure, workforce and innovation. To survive, Pennsylvania must rapidly accelerate upgrades to these 3 critical systems so its businesses and citizens can compete globally, nationally and locally. AcceleratePA is designed to help speed these system upgrades across Pennsylvania. We must act quickly. We need you to join the Pennsylvania Acceleration Project and help push our regional economies forward.



1. INFRASTRUCTURE: JOBS. While 86% of Americans use the internet, the US is ranked 25th for internet penetration. US eCommerce is $349 Billion, China eCommerce is $563 Billion. 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. An increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost conversion rates by 74%. Stated more bluntly, if a webpage takes 6 seconds to load, 50% of users will drop; and 60% of that 50 % will never return to that site, ever! Broadband matters!

Global broadband prices are dropping 25% per year. Today, America has more than 120 Gigabit Cities, where a one Gigabit internet connection costs $1,000 a year or less. But, the average price for a one Gigabit connection in Pennsylvania exceeds $130,000 a year (2016 and January 2017 price surveys). In other words, every month, Pennsylvania businesses and communities are spending 91% more for much slower broadband, and it’s getting worse.

2. SKILLED-WORKFORCE: JOBS. Pennsylvania is the world’s 25th largest economy and our economic growth requires a rapidly-skilling workforce.Governors Mark Schweiker and Edward Rendell made priority investments that made Pennsylvania the national leader for industry-partnership workforce training. Despite exponentially-increasing skills gaps and a rapidly changing labor market; since 2009 state investment in industry-partnership workforce training has dropped 85% to under $3 million, and community college funding is flat.

3. INNOVATION: JOBS. Kauffman Foundation surveys indicate Pennsylvania is ranked 24th of the 25 larger states for startup entrepreneurs. From 2010 – 2015, Pennsylvania ranked 8th in venture capital deals with only 1.57% of the deals ($3.5 Billion), versus California’s 54% of VC deals ($119 Billion). Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers/ National Venture Capital Association Moneytree ™ Report. Economies failing to attract and grow entrepreneurs and innovation capital will shrink rapidly.


1. INFRASTRUCTURE: JOBS. Affordable, high-capacity broadband attracts JOBS. In 2010, Chattanooga launched its fiber network to become the 1st Gigabit City in America, today its 10 GB pricing is the best in the world, $299/month. In the past 5 years, its unemployment rate dropped from 7.8% to 4.1%, with wage growth. Companies like Amazon and Volkswagen selected Chattanooga and then added more Tech jobs than originally planned. Right now, it is increasingly difficult to attract new companies and jobs without affordable, high-capacity broadband.

2. SKILLED-WORKFORCE: JOBS. The benefits of a skilled workforce are significant and measurable, and it affects all areas of an organization from sales and marketing to customer service and support. Benefits include: (A) 16% increase in customer satisfaction among companies using learning technology, (B) Skill levels linked to business value, $70,000 in annual savings and 10% increase in productivity when teams are well trained, (C) 35% reduction in time spent searching for sales content (D) 22% faster roll-outs of products and processes, and (E) 75-80% of managers believe effective training is critical to project success.

3. INNOVATION: JOBS. California has a 54% market share on venture capital deals. Since 1990, as big business eliminated 4 million jobs, small businesses added 8 million new jobs. Innovation keeps existing companies competitive and spurs the creation of new companies and jobs. Regions with little or no innovation will see businesses and jobs perish.


The 2020 CARES Act permits a portion of your funding to be invested in broadband, but CARES Act funding has to be spent by December 31, 2020.

Kevin Dellicker and Kelly Lewis have led successful broadband projects in PA, NJ and WV for the past 19-years with dozens of references. Our transparent, broadband projects are market-driven, comprehensive County Broadband Projects with strong, proven results that help you:

* get additional funding for your project goals
* improve broadband availability and broadband infrastructure
* get broadband to underserved locations
* reduce broadband pricing by 50% or more
* reduce and eliminate dead cell zones

Our transparent Scope of Work focuses on all broadband users throughout a whole county or region, to secure the most-robust, impactful fiber and cell-tower infrastructure investments, while dropping pricing 50% or more!

To learn more contact: Info@LewisStrategic.com or call 570.510.7745


To accelerate innovation, advanced-broadband and workforce training, we have assembled the most experienced team of innovation, broadband and training leaders in Pennsylvania. Our team members have led some of the most successful and largest broadband and workforce training projects in PA history. By leveraging decades of experiences, we deliver a fine-tuned, flexible, provider-neutral strategy that pushes positive change, transformations and attracts private investment. With the world moving fast, we can’t afford to wait.

Lewis Strategic

Kelly Lewis, President of Lewis Strategic – established leadership in statewide, regional and local projects for broadband infrastructure, information technology, Health IT, mobile apps, business development and the Internet of Everything (IoE).


Dellicker Strategies, LLC

Creator of the broadband aggregation model, Kevin Dellicker remains the architect of the most successful broadband aggregation projects in PA and NJ. Dellicker’s broadband outreach/aggregation model has been widely mimicked across the US. A steadfast advocate for maximizing learning with all available tools, Dellicker Strategies is a proven leader in the improvement of school and student performance.


Business Information Group (BIG)

With more than 100 employees, Business Information Group (BIG) is one of the largest broadband development firms in the U.S. Nationally, BIG is the sole vendor for design-build-operate initiatives for the nation’s largest broadband company and many other local and regional firms. BIG leader, John Dolmetsch has led projects in Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and dozens of counties in Pennsylvania. BIG is a national leader in Smart Grid, Public Safety, Health IT and Event/Stadium WiFi applications.



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