Monroe County Gigabit RFP Deadline Extended

Due to inclement weather, deadline to commit to our RFP has been extended until March 17, 2017

Ten Reasons to Participate in the Request for Proposal (RFP) of the Monroe County Gigabit Project

  1. There is no cost, fee or obligation to participate in the RFP. There is no cost or fee if you decide not to buy. Your participation in the RFP helps every single organization in Monroe County, whether your organization decides to buy or not buy.
  2. It’s mathematical from our 15-year experiences, more participating organizations increases the likelihood of more competitive proposals.
  3. With more organizations participating in the RFP, the number of site locations increases.
  4. More than 12 providers already deliver broadband services in parts of Monroe County. With more participating organizations, these 12 existing providers are more likely to propose strong, comprehensive bids to win new customers.
  5. There has never been a broadband RFP of this size, scope and magnitude in Monroe County. Accordingly, no provider has ever had the opportunity to win this much business, all at once. With such a big potential prize, broadband providers are going to bring their best-ever bids to try and win. Lower cost broadband lifts all boats and help companies get redundancy.
  6. Your organization could save 50% or more and get more broadband for less.
  7. The stronger branding campaign will increase positive impacts for existing Monroe County businesses and attract the attentions of the technology, Health IT, biosciences, robotics, artificial-intelligence, data-center and super-computing industries.
  8. Your organization’s participation will help get the best broadband bids for Monroe County. Innovation capital and entrepreneurs will take a new look at Monroe County, and explore investment opportunities with existing and future organizations.
  9. Maybe your organization is in the middle of a 3-year broadband contract or doesn’t need lots of broadband today, but with exponential growth of the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile use – your participation helps all of Monroe County accelerate into the future, today.
  10. It’s easy to participate in the RFP. (1) Complete and send back the “Intent to Participate Letter” and (2) complete the 40-second site-location survey:

Upcoming Monroe County Gigabit meetings are scheduled for April 13 and May 12, 2017. Register to attend by visiting

For more information contact: David Parker at or 570.656.9232.  Rebecca Kann, 717.975.7430, or visit